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Red Mountains Boguty, Kazakhstan. Mars-like views, desert, route

Red Mountains Boguty are located 150 km from Almaty.

Mynzhylki: how to get there, route description, Alpingrad, Almaty mountains

Today we will go to the Mynzhylky Plateau, located on the northern slopes of the Zailiysky Alatau mountains at the source of the Malaya Almatinka River at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level.

Charyn Canyon 🌡 : Valley of Castles, Charyn river and more

Charyn Canyon has long become one of the most popular tourist places in Kazakhstan.

Big Almaty Peak through the Terra Field: how to get there, route, Almaty

Hike to the Big Almaty Peak (BAP) through the Terra Field.

Terra Field and Alyoshkin Bridge: how to get there, route, Almaty mountains

A hike to a very beautiful Prohodnoe gorge: Terra field, Alyoshkin Bridge and Maiden’s Tears waterfall.

Anatoli Boukreev peak: how to get there, route, hike in Almaty mountains

This is a story about hiking to Anatoli Boukreev peak (3010 m) in Almaty mountains.

Butakovskiy waterfall: how to get there, route, Almaty mountains

Today we will hike to one of the most picturesque places in Almaty mountains β€” the Upper and Lower Butakovskiy waterfalls.

Manshuk Mametova lake: how to get there, route, Mynzhylki

Today we are hiking to one of the most beautiful destinations in Almaty mountains – Manshuk Mametova lake.

Kok-Zhailau: route, waterfall, photos and videos, Almaty mountains

Today we are hiking to the favorite place of all Almaty residents – Kok-Zhailau!