Charyn Canyon 🌵 : Valley of Castles, Charyn river and more

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Charyn Canyon has long become one of the most popular tourist places in Kazakhstan. Let’s find out why everyone loved this place so much.

The canyon was formed about 25-30 million years ago, thanks to the wind, water and the sun. In addition to the Valley of Castles, there are the Lunny and Bestamak canyons. We’ll go there another time.

📹 Charyn Canyon video

Sharyn canyon

Sharyn canyon is one of Kazakhstan’s most famous tourist destinations – this place will amaze you with its size! Sharyn canyon has been carved out over millions of years by two rivers flowing into each other – Nura River flows into Chilik River just below Sharyn Canyon Lookout point. The length of the Sharyn canyon is 150 kilometres, its width – is 20 kilometres, depth up to 300 meters.

A visit here will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who enjoys hiking and trekking. There are several beautiful ancient petroglyphs located along hiking trails leading through different sections of Sharyn canyon: these images were left behind thousands of years ago by ancient tribes living around Caspian Sea basin area .. Hiking through scenic mountainside paths, visitors have opportunities to enjoy panoramic views over mountain valleys with colourful cliffs towering high above!

Sharyn canyon is located in the Eastern part of Kazakhstan, at a distance of 250 kilometres from Almaty. It takes approximately 3 hours to get there by car. You can also take the bus ( schedule: daily departures 7:00 am – arrival 10:30 am; return -departure 4:00 pm – arrival 7:00 pm )

The cost of the entrance ticket is 1000 tenge per person.

🚗 How to get to Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon is 230 km away from Almaty. This is about 3-4 hours by car.

The main attractions of the Charyn Canyon include:

  • walking,
  • rafting on the river and fishing
  • overnight with a view of the night city,
  • hiking,
  • trekking,
  • bird watching (birdwatching or birding),
  • vlogging,
  • stargazing and others.

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🌵 Valley of Castles

The Valley of Castles is not the Charyn Canyon, but it adjoins it.

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