Furmanov Peak and Panorama: photos, route, swing in the Almaty mountains

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20 км



Elevation gain

1569 м


8-9 hours

Today we will go together with you to one of the most favorite places among Almaty residents – Furmanov Peak and Panorama.

Take popcorn, make yourself comfortable, it will be fun!

You will find a full video of our hike, useful information, a description of the route and a lot of photos. Let’s go!

📹  Hiking video

🥾 How to get there

By car. If you go by your own car, then you need to go towards the Medeo skating rink. Before the ice rink itself, turn left into the Kim-Asar Gorge and drop the car in front of the barrier.

By bus. If you are traveling by bus (route 12), then get off at the final stop, go down just below the stop and turn right towards Qazaq Aul.

Кимасарское ущелье, Алматы

We go up the Kimasarovsky gorge. The road will be paved for the first time, but as soon as you pass the abandoned buildings, the asphalt will end.

Ущелье Ким-Асар, Алматы

There is a toilet on the left in the photo 😉

Указатель на пик Фурманова, Алматы

It is very difficult to get lost here because there is only one road and there are signs.

Река и мост в Кимасарском ущелье

We cross the river and do not forget to admire nature.

Кимасарское ущелье

A little further there is a bridge again, we cross the same river and go to the right.

We will come across these blue signs more than once. They indicate the approximate travel time to a particular place. This time has never coincided with us. So just follow the directions.

Указатель на седловину

This place can be easily passed. And take a different route, through the gorge.

Watch carefully. After you cross the bridge for the second time, there will be this sign a little higher up the path. Turn towards the “saddle”.

About 3 kilometers from the main parking lot of Medeo, there is such a nature and you will meet a spring with clean water.

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Введите вашу почту 📨, чтобы подписаться на рассылку эксклюзивного контента: GPS-треки, маршруты, закадровые видео. Никакого спама, отписка в любое время 👇

Be sure to take more water with you because it will take a long time to go and there will be no more springs, only snow!

Горы Алматы

The beginning of summer in the mountains of the Ile-Alatau.

Хребет Кимасарского ущелья

We came out on the ridge. There are simply no words to convey how beautiful it is.

Вид на пик Фурманова, Алматы

We pass a little further and see the top of the Furmanov peak (Furmanovka).

Вершина пика Фурманова, Алматы

We’re going up there.

Вид на город Алматы

A panorama of the city of Almaty is already opening from behind.

🎡 Swing on Furmanovka

At an altitude of 2,500 m, there is a famous swing on Furmanov Peak. We walked here for about 2: 30 hours.

We never found out the history of the swing, who brought them here and installed them. But they are there and here you can make interesting shots for memory #aboveclouds

Пик Фурманова и Панорама

Immediately after the swing, a long climb begins to another platform. It is difficult to get lost here – there is only one road and it is wide.

Both peaks are visible in the photo – Furmanov Peak and Panorama Peak just to the right.

Again, signs with the wrong time.

Вид на Бутаковское ущелье

View of the Butakovsky gorge, everything is nearby! And behind it is a Lesnaya Skazka.

Вид на Алматы с гор

The view of the city is becoming more interesting.

Пик Талгар, Алматы 5017 метров

From here you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the highest peak of the Trans – Ili Alatau-Talgar peak (height 5017m).

Вид на Алматы с гор

View of the city. From here you can understand how small our multi-million city is. You can easily see familiar places, for example, Kok-Tobe with a TV tower.

View of Almaty from a distance.

Аль-Фараби, Нурлы-тау, ТЭЦ-2 и бескрайние степи.

Al-Farabi, Nurly-tau, CHP-2 and the endless steppes.

Строения в бутаковском ущелье.

Buildings in the Butakovsky gorge.

🏔️ Furmanov Peak

Here we are at the first peak!

The height of Furmanov Peak is 2,985 m, according to GPS. We walked for exactly 4 hours, with stops and shooting everything on our way.

The distance from the Medeo parking lot is 8.6 km.

I can’t find the name of this powerful peak – who knows, please write!

Вид на Капчагай с гор Алматы

From here you can even see the Kapchagai reservoir.

Renat and Aisultan.

Снежные "волны" вершины пика Панорамы.

Snow “waves” of the top of the Panorama peak.

Эмиль, 7 лет, молодец.

Emil, 7 years old.

Я, с родным братом Эльдаром и племянником Эмилем.

Me, with my brother Eldar and my nephew Emil.

Руслан с Айсултаном.

Ruslan and Aisultan.

Последний бросок до вершины пика Панорамы.

The last throw to the top of the Panorama peak.

After 3,000 m, everything becomes serious. Strong wind, snow, rocks and sparse vegetation.

🏔️ Panorama Peak

Here we are at the second peak, at Panorama Peak. The height is 3,186 m above sea level.

We walked 9.8 km from the Medeo parking lot, almost in 5 hours. It was worth it!

На вершине пика Панорамы
Скамейка на пике Панорама

There is a bench at the top of the Panorama peak, very useful. We had a good rest on it. But first we flew on a drone.

Дрон на пике панорама

I didn’t think that the drone could withstand such a strong wind. He was thrown to the sides, but this was not reflected in the picture. You can watch the footage from the drone in the moisture (at the beginning of the article).

Альпийские растения
Красивейший вид на горы Заилийского Алатау.

The most beautiful view of the mountains of the Ile-Alatau National Park.

Пик Молодежный, высота 4,147м. маршрут 1Б.

Molodezhny Peak, height 4,147 m. We went here on route 1B.

Пик Комсомол (сейчас Нурсултан). Высота 4,376м.

Komsomol Peak (now Nursultan). The height is 4,376 m. We also went here, along route 2B.

Вид на город Алматы с вершины пика Панорамы.

View of the city of Almaty from the top of the Panorama peak.

Пик Комсомол (Нурсултан).

Komsomol Peak (Nursultan).

Пик Молодежный.

Molodeznhyi Peak.

Пик Комсомол.

Komsomol Peak.

Пик Талгар, слева за облаками.

Talgar Peak, on the left behind the clouds.

Спуск с пика Панорамы

We stayed at the top for about 40 minutes and began a long descent.

Спуск с пика Панорамы
Высокогорный каток Медео

🧭 Route diagram and GPS/GPS

The beginning is the Medeo parking lot, the height is 1638 meters.
Furmanov Peak is 2985 meters high, we reached it in 4 hours.
Panorama Peak is 3186 meters high, we reached it in 5 hours and 10 minutes.
The descent took 3 and a half hours and took a lot of effort.
The complexity is not categorical, preparation is required.

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🗺️ Furmanova and Panorama peaks map

Interactive route map to Furmanov Peak and Panorama.

🎒 Other routes

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